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The association between glucose metabolism status, diabetes severity and a history of fractures and recent falls in participants of 50 years and older-the Maastricht Study.

de Waard EAC, Koster A, Melai T, van Geel TA, Henry RMA, Schram MT, Dagnelie PC, van der Kallen CJ, Sep SJS, Stehouwer CDA, Schaper NC, Köhler S, Savelberg HHCM, Geusens PPMM, van den Bergh JPW.

In this cohort of relatively young and well-treated participants with type 2 diabetes, we found no association between diabetes status and a history of previous fractures and recent falls. Furthermore, no association between diabetes severity and previous fractures or recent falls was found.


In this study, we examined the association between glucose metabolism status and historical fractures or recent falls and the effect of diabetes severity (glucose control, insulin use, and diabetes duration) on falls and fractures in the participants with type 2 diabetes.


Cross-sectional data from 2005 participants of the Maastricht Study. Falls in the past 6 months and fractures ≥age 50 were assessed by questionnaire. Glucose metabolism status (normal glucose metabolism, impaired glucose metabolism, or type 2 diabetes) was based on the oral glucose tolerance test and medication use.


In the completely adjusted model, the odds for a fall were not significantly higher in those with impaired glucose metabolism status (OR (95%CI) 1.28 (0.93-1.77)) or with type 2 diabetes (OR (95%CI) 1.21 (0.80-1.81)) compared with the group with normal glucose metabolism. Within the group with type 2 diabetes, there were no significant differences with regard to reported falls between participants with HbA1c >7 % (53 mmol/mol) versus HbA1c ≤7 % (OR (95%CI) 1.05 (0.58-1.90)), insulin users versus non-insulin users (OR (95%CI) 1.51 (0.79-2.89)), and with a diabetes duration >5 versus ≤5 years (OR (95%CI) 0.52 (0.46-1.47)). Similarly, neither glucose metabolism status nor diabetes severity was associated with prior fractures.


Glucose metabolism status was not significantly associated with previous fractures and recent falls. In addition, in this cohort of relatively young and well-treated participants with type 2 diabetes, diabetes severity was not associated with previous fractures and recent falls.

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