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ActivPAL algorithm

To automatically identify waking time in 24-hour activPAL data, we have developed an algorithm written in MATLAB. This algorithm identifies wake and bed times in 24-hour activPAL data on an individual level on multiple days (i.e., different wake and bed times, for each day, for each participant). A description of the algorithm and its accuracy has been described in:

van der Berg JD, Willems PJB, van der Velde JHPM, Savelberg HHCM, Schaper NC, Schram MT, et al. Identifying waking time in 24-h accelerometry data in adults using an automated algorithm. Journal of Sports Sciences. 2016;2:1–7.

Researchers who would like to use our algorithm can download the MATLAB files via the download links, which are provided below. Also a manual of the algorithm as well as a dictionary of the estimated parameters are available for download.

For questions or suggestions to improve our algorithm, please contact:
Dr. Annemarie Koster 
Telephone: +31 (0)43 388 2265
For technical questions about the algorithm or matlab toolkit, please contact: 
Wouter Bijnens 
Telephone: +31 (0)43 388 1455 
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